The ASU Helios Decision Center for Educational Excellence is a partnership between Arizona State University and Helios Education Foundation. We are bringing together all we know about the education system, the resources of ASU and Helios, and education stakeholders in order to drive positive change and better student outcomes. Partnering with ASU’s Decision Theater and other ASU researchers and thought-leaders, we convene key stakeholders with our Tools & Visualizations to examine the education system and model and visualize the impact of potential new policies and innovative solutions on education outcomes. We also facilitate Impact Projects, which directly support Arizona’s public schools, teachers and students.

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Helios Decision Center

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We offer a set of data tools and visualizations for use by Arizona educators and partners. Explore these tools on here or set up a time to visit us at a Decision Theater location.

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Helios Decision Center

Use data to make a difference

We want to model how to use education data to improve student outcomes. Our Impact Projects are open to schools and districts across the state.

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Helios Decision Center

See how we make an impact statewide

Our Center is possible thanks to a commitment from many groups across Arizona. We seek to make our tools just as relevant to educators in Yuma to Window Rock and everywhere in between.

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Highlights of our impact

President's Award

The Personalized Admissions Project is removing barriers to college by simplifying the process: High school seniors who meet the admission standards get personalized letters telling them they’re accepted before they even apply.

President's Award

New ASU-Helios data tool spotlights key educational and workforce pathways for community colleges.

President's Award

“We’re working with more than 200 school districts across the state, working to take care of young people so that they can really have access to whatever they want." - Michael Crow, President of ASU