ASU Helios Decision Center for Educational Excellence

The ASU Helios Decision for Educational Excellence at Arizona State University is bringing together all we know about the education system, the resources of ASU and Helios, and education stakeholders in order to drive positive change and better student outcomes. The vision is to empower all Arizona students to maximize their potential, experience an excellent quality of life and contribute to healthy and vibrant communities. Partnering with ASU’s Decision Theater and other ASU researchers and thought-leaders, we bring together data and convene key stakeholders to examine the education system and model and visualize the impact of potential new policies and innovative solutions on education outcomes. The Decision Center for Educational Excellence is:

local and national data on student performance, schools and the current education system

ASU resources including content knowledge, analytics, computational modeling and visualization

the involvement of educators, parents, students, policymakers, civic groups, business leaders and others

A scalable model for improving student performance

The tools and visualizations developed by the Center will allow stakeholders to pinpoint bright spots in the state’s education system and identify interventions that could serve to improve student performance. It will also offer Arizona’s education influencers – from school leaders to policymakers – the tools needed to make informed, data-driven decisions that support a high-quality education for all Arizona students.

High-Impact Collaboration Opportunities

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Business and economic development professionals will use the Education & Workforce module to understand how the current education system produces students ready for the workforce and workforce training, and how changes in the current education system may impact student readiness for the workforce.

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Policymakers gather to test how different choices would likely impact the educational system before finalizing and implementing a new policy.

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School board members see how their district’s performance trends over time compare to peer districts and then model estimates of how changes in their districts could significantly improve student outcomes.


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School superintendents can identify districts with similar challenges and come together to compare results and simulate new outcomes if district policies and practices were changed.

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Principals use the high school outcome tool to help teachers and community members understand the community factors that impact schools, their school’s performance, and what can be done to improve student outcomes.

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Communities review progress on achieving Progress Meter goals and discuss next steps in promoting student and community success.


In the News

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The Decision Center for Educational Excellence has been created through a strategic partnership between Arizona State University and the Helios Education Foundation. The focus of the Center is Arizona’s education system – from pre-K through the successful transition into the workforce. The goal of the Center is to help the education system dramatically increase student outcomes for all students.