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ASU Impact Corps

Map of AZ with ASU Impact Corps schools shown.

The ASU Impact Corps is a group of teachers making a meaningful impact on their students and communities.

Our Center has identified a group of public high schools in AZ whose graduates go on to achieve high rates of successful outcomes in specific subject disciplines in Arizona’s universities. We have invited the teachers in these subjects at these schools to join the ASU Impact Corps. ASU Impact Corps members are from public high schools of all types in Arizona and represent bright spots in our state’s public high school system.

Headshots of all 12 members of the ASU Impact Corps Inaugural Cohort

The Inaugural Cohort of the ASU Impact Corps consists of 12 members from 7 different high schools across Arizona. They worked together during a Members Retreat from May 31st to June 2nd where they discussed promising practices and the state of education in AZ and learned about a variety of resources available to K-12 schools from ASU, as well as drafted a mentor plan to expand their reach through the next school year.



These teachers are joining the Inaugural Cohort of the Impact Corps to build a professional network of educators across Arizona. We plan to expand this program with a new cohort of teachers each year, focusing on different topics and regions of Arizona. While we guide the Inaugural Cohort through their year of participation in the program, we will simultaneously begin the selection process for Cohort 2 in Fall 2023. We hope to build a robust network of mentor educators across the state as this program grows, and we also intend to create a platform for Corps Members to unify around key education issues affecting all of Arizona.

Impact Stories, Volume 1, is the catalog showcasing all the members of the Inaugural Cohort and was released on June 1, 2023 at the ASU Impact Corps Recognition Ceremony at Old Main. Download a PDF by clicking the button below.

Download Impact Stories Volume 1

Cover of Impact Stories report