We create Tools to help schools and communities examine and discuss Arizona’s education system and what can be done to improve student outcomes.

Current Tools

Postsecondary Feedback Reports 

The Postsecondary Feedback Reports (PSFR) Portal provides access for AZ Districts and Charter Operators to see how their graduates fare after graduation in the state's community colleges and public universities. Linking together data from our partners at the Arizona Department of Education, AZ Transfer, AZ Community Colleges and the Arizona Board of Regents, this portal provides access to 5 report types. Login is required, but can be requested by an administrator or superintendent.

High School Outcome Module

The goal of high schools, and the K12 system overall, is to get students to graduate on time and to persue education and training after high school so that they can have a productive future with a good quality of life. This tool allows viewers to see community characteristics, factors that impact schools but are out of their control, how schools compare to other similar schools, what can be done to improve graduation and college going, and how that will impact students and communities economically. You can get credentials to log in to use the tool by contacting The guide for using the tutorial can be found   here.

Upcoming Tools

Education & Workforce Visualization

We are currently working on a visualization that shows the relationship between the skills high school graduates possess, the degrees that Arizona community colleges and state universities produce, and the needs of the current, and potential future, workforce.

The Impact of COVID on Enrollment and Achievement

We have compiled the data  on the impact of COVID. One visualization focuses on enrollment and attendance and the other focuses on achievement.

Rigorous Course Taking in Arizona

Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment are the two biggest pathways to get college credit while in high school. This visualizations presents the trends in the use of these pathways, the outcomes for students, and the results of causal studies on the impact of taking AP or DE.