We create Tools to help schools and communities examine and discuss Arizona’s education system and what can be done to improve student outcomes. 

Local Progress Meter Measures  The local progress meter allows you to see your city, school district and/or school is doing on the Progress Meter Goals. City Progress Meter results reflect all schools within the city's boundaries, no mater where the students live. It includes all public schools -- traditional district schools and charters. This is the only place where all school results are aggregated by city.

Explore High School Outcomes  The goal of high schools, and the K12 system overall, is to get students to graduate on time and to persue education and training after high school so that they can have a productive future with a good quality of life. This tool allows one to see community characteristics, factors that impact schools but are out of their control, how schools compare to other similar schools, what can be done to improve graduation and college going, and how that will impact students and communities ecoomically.