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The Decision Center for Educational Excellence relies on the collaboration of the ASU community and our external partners. We encourage students, faculty members and others to get involved in our work. 

Here are the current DC Ed Ex participants:

Staff & Associates

Joe O'Reilly, Ph.D., Director  

Joe came to the Center after 30 years of directing research, assessment and accountability in Arizona's largest school district. He is past vice-president of the American Education Research Association and has been extensively involved in Arizona education issues for many years.

Momoko Rai, Data Scientist

Momoko has a masters in data analytics from Michigan State and has over twenty years experience conducting research.

Wina Kurniawan, Research Analyst

Wina recently obtained her bachelors degree in math and applied statistics. Previouslt she was a student worker on the project. 

 Lukas Wenrick, Student Volunteer Leader

Lukas was an Innovation Fellow and is the program manager in the Office of Applied Innovation. He runs the student volunteer effort of the Center and has helped develop many successful student projects. 

Lauren McBurnett, Graduate Research Assistant and Project Lead

Lauren is a Ph.D. student in Systems Engineering. She oversees the student workers as they develop databases for the High School Outcomes tool and school finance application. Her dissertation is a systems model of the Arizona education system and how economic and social forces impact education inputs and outputs.

Luke Tate, Associate Vice President and Executive Director of Opportunity Initiatives

Luke oversees the Decision Center as one of the University's Opportunity Initiatives. Previously he served in the Obama White House. 

 Kishore Jagan Jothi Kumar, Graduate Research Analyst

Kishore is a graduate student who will complete his work in May 2020. He has lead a project to create a tool that people can use to change the Arizona school funding formula and see the impact on districts and charters. 

Arun Malarkken, Graduate Research Analyst

Arun is a graduate student 

 Kristi Glassmayer, MLFTC doctoral student, Intern

Kristi is a graduate student in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and is serving as an intern in the Center. Her work is focused on advanced course taking, especially in the STEM areas.

 Takeshi Terada, MLFTC doctoral candidate, Volunteer

Takeshi is a doctoral studnet in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. He is studying student movement between schools over time and how that impacts student outcomes. 

 Mukta Marathe, Computer Science, volunteer

Mukta is completing her degree in computer science. She is currently creating visualizations and stories about high school graduation and test scores using Tableau.

 Justin Colyar, Computer Science , volunteer

Justin has examined the Auditor General"s data on staffing and resource use  to identify those districts that may be using their funding more efficiently.

Varun Chaudhary, Computer Science, volunteer

Varun has 'scraped' all the Red For Ed tweets for 2018-19 to identify patterns in public comments.

Amir Khawaja, Economics, volunteer

Amir is developing county education profiles using the census, EPA, education and other data that has been collected. 

 Zak Vanstrom, volunteer

Momoko has a masters in data analytics from Michigan State and has over twenty years experience conducting research.

 Jesus Vega, volunteer

Jesus is a resident of Santa Cruz county and is doing an in depth examination of education in the county.

Hadi Ali, Engineering Doctoral Student, volunteer

Hadi is a doctoral student and is studying people's perceptions and responses in the Decision Theater.