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Using the High School Graduation & College Going Screens

The purpose of this tool is to promote a common understanding of the current state of high school graduation and college going outcomes, as well as the factors that impact those outcomes, and to generate a plan for improving those outcomes.

The tool allows the users to define the location(s) to be examined so the data are relevant to the user. You can go through the screens in order, or just view selected screens to answer a specific question such as how do our schools compare to other Arizona high schools or what is the education level of people in the school’s community? That allows the audience to absorb and discuss the information one topic at a time.

High School Outcomes Screens

Users guide to using the screens:

Other information

The screens contain the latest available data for a given year. However, some data takes two years or more until it is released. The following data visualizations show more recent data for high schools that will be used once all the Census and other data has been updated. You can use this to see if patterns shown on the screens have continued.

  • Graduation Rate By Free and Reduced Lunch Rate (Tableau link)
  • State Testing data by Free and Reduced Lunch Rate